Tulum Mexico a fantastic destination in the Caribbean

15 October, 2021

Tulum is the destination that every traveler wants to visit thanks to its unique mystic atmosphere and natural beauty. Is Tulum worth visiting? absolutely!

Stay with us and discover Tulum’s treasures. 


Where is Tulum?


Tulum is located in the south of Quintana Roo’s state, it takes 2 hours drive approximately to get there from Cancun. It is quite easy to drive to Tulum since the highway is literally straight ahead, you only have to go on the road until you reach Tulum.



What to do in Tulum


Mayan Ruins


Staying in Tulum you should definitely take a half-day to explore the Mayan Ruins. These buildings are settled right on the shores of the Caribbean sea, which makes it a unique tourist attraction in the world.  


Snorkeling in Tulum


Thanks to its privileged location, Tulum has marvelous spots for Snorkeling being in the second largest coral reef barrier in the world. There are some tours that can take you to explore the unimaginable Tulum waters, which also include admiring the marine life in the area.


snorkeling in tulum


Eating in one of the top restaurants


Tulum is very well known for its exotic restaurants, most of them offer peerless tasting experiences that make you don’t want to leave the destination. Usually, these kinds of restaurants are expensive, but they definitely worth it! 

Food in Tulum has become another tourist attraction, thanks to the whole experience that owners create for the dinners. You can find from authentic and local dishes to international and exotic gastronomy samples.


top restaurants in tulum


Beaches in Tulum


Being in Tulum is mandatory to visit one of its beaches, most of them still virgin and untouched by tourism so, you’ll find amazing beaches to discover Tulum’s beauty. We recommend you visit Paraiso Beach, Pescadores Beach, and Bocapaila.




If you want to experience Snorkeling with turtles in Tulum, this is the place. Akumal is a small village 30 minutes away from Tulum downtown. It houses a turtle sanctuary on its bay, it is very popular among tourists.  Here in Akumal you can do excellent snorkeling, while you see impressive marine turtles. It is a unique experience, besides the beach is just stunning a great option for a perfect day!

Explore cenotes


Tulum has the most mesmerizing cenotes in the entire Riviera Maya, there are plenty of them. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to go way too far, the cenotes in Tulum are located 10-20 minutes from the town. In the cenotes, you’ll be able to enjoy the clearest water surrounded by amazing vegetation and marine life. Cenotes are perfect for Snorkeling as well since there are underwater caves to discover.


explore cenotes in tulum


Visit the beach clubs


There are many of these places in Tulum’s hotel zone if you are looking for a nice place with a beach view, areas for rest, and exquisite food and beverage this is a good option. Good music and great activities are also included in Tulum’s beach club, you’ll find a great atmosphere as well as an attractive pool. 


Party nights


Something very characteristic about Tulum are its theme parties, many travelers gather to enjoy DJ music and spend a great night in Tulum. Currently, due to the pandemic, these events are kind of restricted. 


party nights in tulum


These are just some of the incredible things to do in Tulum, a truly paradisiacal destination awaiting you!


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