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Great time!

We had a great time! Pickup was right on time at hotel in a clean car with. The beach bar launch location was not what we were expecting, but the people were friendly and greeted us with bottled waters while they called a boat. The small boat came right up to the shore and we waded out. (no pier). It ended up being just the 4 of us and the 2 boat operators. The guide was awesome and he swam around the reef and we followed him. We saw lots of fish and great fauna. Then we boated to another location and did the same. We had lots of time in the water. The water is shallow, so you have to float carefully to not hit the reef. When we got back to shore, we used their showers, they cooked us up some burgers and gave us sodas and chips. It was definitely not a touristy place, which we liked. Heading back, pick up was right on time and we were back in our hotel right as promised. We had a fantastic time. This definitely hit the mark for us. We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jefrey Cooney In May 17, 2021
Very good tour guide

Talked through the use of equipment and took everyone on a tour around the reef so everyone could see the coral and fish.

Karena N In March 08, 2021
The whole team were amazing!

Great tour! The guides were awesome. They were funny, and friendly. They kept track of everyone and made sure we stayed together. The tour was about 3 hours which included the boat ride, snorkeling for 45 min in 2 different locations, and then lunch and drinks after. It was my very first time and I had a blast. I was a bit scared at first but I’m so glad I got to experience it.

Randy M In March 03, 2021
Snorkel, sun, burger and a beer!

It started with a pickup from our resort to a beautiful beach next in Puerto Morellos. The staff at the cabanas beach bar were great! We waited on the beach for our boat in chairs and a table. Guides were great. They picked us up with their boat on the beach, helped us with our things and explained our day. They took us a short ride out to the reef, gave us our gear and off we went over the side We followed the guide snorkeling through the warm, clear shallow waters. The colors were amazing and the quantity of fish species was impressive. Only 5 minutes into our swim, we encountered a small loggerhead turtle. It was beautiful! We got to see more than we bargained for. We were on the water for just under two hours which is plenty of time to see everything you need. When we arrived back at the beach, the staff gave us a burger and a beer, we spent a couple of more hrs sunning and enjoying the beach and waited for our shuttle back to the resort. All in all, the entire day was perfect. I highly recommend Cancun Snorkeling if you are looking for a great day of snorkeling and sunning.

Jean Powell In February 14, 2021
Amazing snorkeling

This was a great tour that ended up being a private group because we were nine people. We were picked up and taken to the beach where we walked out to a small boat. We spent two hours our over the reef with no one else out there. The water was perfect and the fish viewing was amazing. Our guide and driver were very helpful making sure that we had gear that fit appropriately and comfortably. They helped everyone in and out of the boat, and the guide was very knowledgeable about the area. After we left the boat there were showers available and lunch prepared for us. Then we had time to just hang out on the beach until the bus came to take us back to our resort.

Zara Napior In January 22, 2021
Excellent activity

Fair prices and a fantastic experience while diving around the barrier reef. Very good service, highly recommended tour.

Alex J In January 18, 2021

I have snorkeled at many locations, and this one near Puerto Morelos y undoubtedly one of the bests. Highly recommend

Enrique V In December 08, 2020
Great staff

They did an excellent job of taking care of everyone when we went snorkeling.

Mary Rupp In December 03, 2020
Very nice

I really had a great time. The guides were great. They provide all the gear. The shuttle picked us up from the resort and took us back. Great price for once in a lifetime experience.

Andre Allison In November 24, 2020
Lovely team

Magical from beginning to end, they all work with love and care for the people and take you even holding your hand if necessary to an underwater paradise. Everything worth it, I recommend it very much!

Claudia Esquivel In November 17, 2020

This made our stay in Mexico just magnificent, now we have unforgettable memories

Alfonso Fusco In November 04, 2020

Awesome, the crew was the best. Beautiful place, amazing coral reef

Rose Segovia In October 25, 2020
Great guides

Amazing reefs and lots of sea life. Great guides and the food was good

Rose Im In October 20, 2020
Quite good

Excellent! The guides are very attentive

Edward Collins In October 13, 2020
Great snorkeling experience

Pick a day with less wind as possible. Bring a sun shirt to wear for the day. The food provided afterward was really good. Tasteful burgers and cold beers. Overall it was a great day.

Adam Price In October 07, 2020
Great staff

They were very clear on what and what not to do. Unluckily, we couldn't see much fish because of the weather, maybe? Next time hopefully. Thank you!

Ivonne Trace In September 04, 2020

Wonderful experience! Very nice and friendly staff! Nice burgers!

Jarius Dye In July 26, 2020