Cancun Snorkeling Tour

Cancun Snorkeling

Enjoy the best snorkeling experience on your trip to Cancun.

Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or a newbie, our Cancun Snorkeling tour will take you to the right spots for snorkeling among colored fish and beautiful marine life while having lots of fun.


Cancun Snorkeling Tour

Immerse in the Caribbean and visit the second largest coral reef barrier in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, located in the protected Puerto Morelos National Marine Park.

We will pick you up at your accommodation and take you to the beach club around which the snorkeling is done. The beach club is equipped for a great time. Facilities include restrooms, long chairs, a restaurant, and a bar.

Once at the beach club, the snorkeling gear will be collected. You will get a mask, a life jacket, fins, and a new tube. When you are ready, we will depart on the boat and visit the amazing reefs for two hours. We will see many different kinds of fish, beautiful colored coral reefs, and, if we are lucky, turtles and/or stingrays.



We will pick you up at your accommodation at the time set while booking and drive you back after a cool down at the beach club.

Snorkeling Gear

You will be provided a diving mask, life jacket, fins, and a new tube for the experience. You will also receive a Puerto Morelos National Marine Park bracelet.

Food & Drinks

Water is included during the tour. Once back at the beach club, you will be offered a soda or water, a beer and a burger.

Beach Club

Located in a calming and enjoyable stretch of sand where you can roam peacefully, the beach club is the right place to sip a beer or just rest a while after all the swimming.


On this snorkeling excursion, you will enjoy comfortable air-conditioned roundtrip transportation from your hotel to the beach club, where the boat departs from. Once you have explored underwater wonders and cooled down at the beach club, transportation back to your hotel will be ready.

During the main part of the tour, you will enjoy 2 hours of snorkeling divided into two 45 minutes sets of diving in two different spots around the coral reefs. By exploring two separate areas, we have more opportunities to see different species of marine life.

Back at the beach club after the snorkeling time, you will have lunch waiting for you with a cold beer (or soda for the underage). You will also have free time to enjoy some more drinks at the beach club, play some volleyball, swim in the sea or simply relax by laying down in the long chairs.

Why choose Cancun Snorkeling?

Thanks to more than 20 years of providing unforgettable snorkeling experiences, our guides know where the best spots by season are, and great techniques to locate areas where the snorkeling tour will be most enjoyable. During the tour, you will also receive information about the area and the spotted marine life.

About Us

Cancun Snorkeling is a family-run company. We have years living in the area and know most of the best snorkeling spots. Our tour has all the permits and insurances required by Federal Law, so you can feel safe and sound during the excursion.


The fun is on our end on this Snorkeling excursion. Of course, a great and adventurous attitude is always helpful. There are some items you may want to be extra sure to bring so everything flows nicely: Set of dry clothes and towels, swimsuit, sandals, cash or credit cards.

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Dry clothes

Set of dry clothes

Bring a towel that you can take on the boat and use at the beach club, plus dry clothes to change after snorkeling

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Sandals


Is always better to be comfortable, so bring a pair of sandals or beach or water shoes so you can walk around the beach. Of course, you can always be barefoot but sandals might be of big help when the sand is hot.

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Swimsuit


Seems obvious, but this is for your comfortability. Remember you will be swimming, so the light material of swimsuits is the comfort you may need to move freely.

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Cash or Credit Card

Cash or Credit Card

In case you want to have some extras like sunscreen, additional drinks, or food, and in case you want to tip any crew member.

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Snorkeling from Cancun

Snorkeling in Cancun

Cancun is perfect for an adventure getaway, exploring the marine life in different places in the coral reefs, you can visit Isla Mujeres and its different reefs as well as different coral formations not far from the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Snorkeling from Playa del Carmen

Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen has beautiful spots where you get to see turtles, lots of fish species and probably some rays, if you get lucky you might get to see nurse sharks which are totally not dangerous.

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