Top Islands in the Mexican Caribbean

10 September, 2021

Once you arrive in Cancun, you’ll realize how magnificent it is, with its gorgeous white sand beaches. Although it is the main city in the destination, it is worth it to discover certain places in the surroundings, such as the islands.

In this post, we’ll talk about the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean islands, where you can also enjoy snorkeling in the Islands near Cancun.




Isla Mujeres 


it is one of the most visited locations when travelers arrive in Cancun due to its nearness. The ferry takes 25 minutes to get to the Isla from Cancun, and you can take it in the Hotel Zone and Cancun Downtown. It is a small but charming island, the most famous beach is Playa Norte, which you’ll find a few steps away from the ferry. For snorkeling, there are many spots but “El Farito” and Musa are the best for snorkeling near Cancun.  Isla Mujeres is also famous because of its wide variety of beach clubs, and boat trips. Going from Cancun to Isla Mujeres by Yacht or boat is one of the most wanted activities because of all the amenities that these kinds of tours offer. Normally, food and beverages are included and also fantastic entertainment. Punta Sur is another spot on the island that you should visit, It is the highest part of the island, reaching 20 meters above sea level. It offers the best views of the Caribbean between Cancun and Isla Mujeres bay. There is also a Sculpture Park that has colorful metal sculptures of contemporary art, as well as the Temple of the Mayan goddess Ixchel. 


isla mujeres mexico


Isla Contoy


This is the less crowded and known island, because of the limited access to this place. It is a natural protected area, there are no hotels, and inhabits just only one restaurant. Just some guardians live there to protect the zone. What does this mean? it means that Isla Contoy is a truly virgin tropical paradise. Only 200 visitors are allowed to enter per day. This also means that you’ll probably have the entire island to yourself. This place is home to fantastic and cristal waters, beautiful vegetation, and a lot of peace. To get to this dream destination, you must do it through tours and agencies that are certificated by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp). In this way, the protection of natural resources is guaranteed. During this tour you will be able to do snorkeling in the Ixchel reef, it is a wonderful experience. Contoy Island is a perfect paradise, but we recommend you to follow your guide’s instructions, it is an extremely protected area, sunscreens are not allowed neither makeup nor creams. If you decide to come to this place, take care of it, it is a fragile environment. 


contoy island mexico



Cozumel Island


It is one of the biggest islands in Mexico, y is right in front of the second world’s largest reef barrier. There are many great activities to do on this island, but the most popular are definitely Snorkeling and Diving, the winners. We could say that Cozumel is the diving capital, due to its amazing ocean, reefs, and marine life to explore. But it also has stunning beaches with different tones of blue. Although it is bigger than the other islands in the Mexican Caribbean, it is also a tranquil town. One of the famous tours is in a sandbank full of starfish, called “El Cielo” where they take you through the island to explore some reefs, and then to admire the starfish, remember not to touch. There is also a fantastic submarine tour, eco-parks, beach clubs, and endless gorgeous beaches. As you can see Cozumel has everything to offer!


cozumel island


Isla Holbox


Probably this is the most unique island, Holbox is a small paradise in heaven. You can go over the island by foot or bicycle, its streets are literally sand and are full of beautiful and colorful murals. Its beaches are huge, with an imperceptible depth, like an endless pool. The color of the water is kind of different, a bit of emerald which makes it unique from the other Mexican Caribbean islands. There are some tours that you can take to sightseeing on the island, and discover the mangroves, birds, flamingos, and more. The whale shark tour is also famous in Holbox. When the night arrives, the town comes alive in all restaurants and bars with live music, warm lights that create a wonderful environment. Visiting Holbox is a unique experience!


holbox mexico


Apart from being beautiful islands, they also have large spaces for snorkeling. We hope you can visit one of these soon during your Cancun trip. 


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