Cancun Snorkeling from Newport House Boutique Hotel Playa del Carmen

When going snorkeling from Newport House Boutique Hotel Playa del Carmen you can be sure that Cancun Snorkeling Tour will be your best option. At Cancun Snorkeling Tour we provide you with roundtrip transportation, 2 hours of snorkeling experience and free time and the beach club.

First you'll be taken from Newport House Boutique Hotel Playa del Carmen to the beach club where the tour will go out from, the beach club has all the facilities you need, bathrooms, long chairs, restaurant and bar.

Then you'll be taken for two hours to visit the amazing reefs Cancun has to offer where you'll see lots of fish of different kinds, corals with beautiful colors and perhaps some turtles and rays.

You'll enjoy some free time at the beach club and then you'll be taken to your hotel Newport House Boutique Hotel Playa del Carmen .

About Newport House Boutique Hotel Playa del Carmen

Newport House Boutique Hotel is a fresh, sophisticated addition to Playa del Carmen. It is a stone's throw from the shops, bars, and restaurants of Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida) yet retain a unique Postal Code in a traditional, charming and more peaceful part of town.

At Newport House, one of the property's key roles is that of the guests-services manager who specializes in creating itineraries that are "off the beaten track" which allow guests to discover authentic cuisine and the best, secluded nature spots. In addition to custom itineraries, it also has complimentary bikes and water-sport equipment for snorkeling, paddle boarding and more - available for rent.

Newport House Boutique Hotel seeks a balance between a boutique hotel and vacation rental. Each unit has been thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and personal vacation experience. The design is sophisticated and relaxing with a fully equipped kitchen where guests can explore local markets to fix their perfect meal at home. It is also located on the quiet side of Fifth Ave close to bars, restaurants, and attractions but a healthy distance from the tourist traps and loud clubs.

What is included in the Cancun Snorkeling Tour?


Transportation is included, we will pick you up at your Hotel lobby at the time set when reserving.

Snorkeling Tour

The Snorkeling tour is included of course, and we include the Snorkeling gear, water, and a bracelet for the National Marine Park of Puerto Morelos.

What to expect in the snorkeling excursion


On this snorkeling excursion, you will enjoy comfortable air-conditioned roundtrip transportation from your hotel to the beach club, where the boat departs from. Once you have explored underwater wonders and cooled down at the beach club, transportation back to your hotel will be ready.

During the main part of the tour, you will enjoy 2 hours of snorkeling divided into two 45 minutes sets of diving in two different spots around the coral reefs. By exploring two separate areas, we have more opportunities to see different species of marine life.

Back at the beach club after the snorkeling time, you will have lunch waiting for you with a cold beer (or soda for the underage). You will also have free time to enjoy some more drinks at the beach club, play some volleyball, swim in the sea or simply relax by laying down in the long chairs.

What to bring for the Cancun Snorkeling Tour?

We have all the fun for you at the Cancun Snorkeling Tour, but don’t forget to bring some important things: Set of dry clothes and towel, bathing suits, sandals, cash or credit cards.

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Dry clothes

Set of dry clothes

Bring a towel that you can take on the boat with you and use at the beach club, and clothes to change afterwards.

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Sandals


Bring a pair of sandals or beach or water shoes so you can be comfortable on the beach. You can be barefoot on the beach.

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Swimsuit


Well...probably no need to say it, but… don’t forget your swimsuit to get in the water comfortably!

Cancun Snorkeling Tour Cash or Credit Card

Cash or Credit Card

This is really simple, there are some extras that you may need to use money for, like sunscreen, tipping or for additional drinks or food.

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