Isla Mujeres, a must in the Mexican Caribbean

8 October, 2021

When you travel to Cancun you will be guaranteed to find fabulous places, both in the city and surroundings. One of them is the wonderful Isla Mujeres, visited by many travelers around the world thanks to its incredible crystal clear waters. And it's located only 30 minutes away from Cancun Downtown or Hotel Zone. 


Once you get to Isla Mujeres you’ll feel love at first sight. Walk over the main streets, you’ll find colorful corners, local shops to buy handcrafts, and tasty restaurants. Stay with us and discover more about Isla Mujeres, the top island in Cancun.


Isla Mujeres beaches


Normally islands own the most stunning beaches, and Isla Mujeres is not the exception. The most important and popular of the area is Playa Norte (North Beach), which is an extensive sand and beach corridor that you can see getting off the boat. Here you can find a lot of beach clubs to spend the afternoon in, the water is shallow so it is suitable for everyone. Normally here are also situated some yachts and boat tours to enjoy Playa Norte. Isla Mujeres has a huge stretch of sea, so you can also access it in Punta Sur, or other beach clubs that are in the area.


Isla Mujeres beaches

There are also other beaches such as Media Luna beach, Lancheros Beach, Indios Beach, and Caleta. There are not many beaches in the destination, but the truth is wherever you go in Isla Mujeres, you’ll find a place to swim, and the best thing is that they have the same clearness on its waters everywhere. 


What to do in Isla Mujeres


Rent a golf cart


You can tour the island in a golf cart, besides is quite funny, you’ll have a panoramic view of the Island. There are many companies that provide these services, you can rent a car from one to twenty-four hours.


golf cart in isla mujeres


Beach Clubs


Visit a beach club and spend all the day resting on the beach and sipping your favorite cocktail. There are many of these places around the island, so it won’t be difficult to find one that suits you, all of them have excellent facilities, showers, toilets, lounge chairs, and many beach activities.


isla mujeres beach clubs


Discover an underwater museum 


Visit MUSA, it is an underwater museum with hundreds of sculptures on the seabed, surrounded by impressive vegetation and marine life. It is an unforgettable experience highly recommended for many. It is a popular activity, you’ll easily find a tour. 


musa underwater museum

Punta Sur


Met Punta Sur, this is the last part of the Island, it has beautiful cliffs and a sculpture park to discover. The temple of the Ixchel goddess is also located in Punta Sur, so if you want to learn more about the culture here you can do it. There are also some restaurants in the surroundings with terrific sea views that totally worth it. 


cliff punta sur isla mujeres




Take a boat tour, it is great to admire the gorgeous colors of the island, and practicing snorkeling on one of the reefs. Doubtlessly you can’t leave Isla Mujeres without exploring and its wonderful marine life, it is quite easy to find these kinds of tours on the island since they are popular and high-requested.


girl snorkeling in isla mujeres sea

Visit Garrafon Park


Visit Garrafon Park, it is an incredible all-inclusive park, with peerless Caribbean sea views. Here in this park, you’ll be able to practice kayaking, swimming with dolphins, there is a zipline, an infinity pool with awesome views.

zipline garrafon park


Enjoy the Sunset 


An island is the best way to admire a sunset, and Isla Mujeres has them. Wheter you are in Playa Norte or Punta Sur, you’ll see the sun hidding on the Caribbean sean, 

sla Mujeres los tiene. Ya sea que te encuentres en punta sur o en el norte de la isla, podrás disfrutar de ver como se aculta el sol en el mar caribe, an unbeatable natural spectacle.


sunset in isla mujeres




Although is small, Isla Mujeres offers a vibrant nightlife, not as much as Cancun or Playa del Carmen but you can enjoy a fantastic night with great music, drinks, and a cheerful atmosphere.

nightlife isla mujeres


Whether you visit Isla Mujeres for a few hours or stay awhile, you will definitely fall in love with it! It is perfect for Snorkeling, exploring, and relaxing. 


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