How to snorkeling in Cancun safely

1 September, 2021

Traveling to Cancun is about endless coasts and snorkeling spots. There are many activities to enjoy in the Mexican Caribbean. Snorkeling is one of the safest, but you need to follow all the instructions. 

First of all, for snorkeling in the open sea, you have to take a tour. There is no other way to snorkeling in the reef. You need to look for a certificated tour company that can provide you this service. After this, everything will be easier since the guide and tour company will give all the information that you need to know and they will take care of you. 


  • Do not stay behind the boat, as you might know, the motor is located right there. Get on and off the boat by the sides, so the captain always will see you.
  • Do not get away from the boat while snorkeling. The captain will watch over all the visitors, and the guide will accompany you in the water trying to all of you be safe and enjoy the snorkeling tour. 
  • Use your life vest all the time. It is mandatory to wear it, don’t take it off to maintain yourself safe unless your guide allows you. 
  • Do not disturb marine life. There is no danger while snorkeling in the Riviera Maya, but remember that you are in a natural environment. Respect to be respected.
  • Reschedule your tour if the weather is not appropriate. Some tour operators go out even in bad weather, you will enjoy the tour more if you go on a sunny and no-wave day. 
  • If you are a beginner swimmer, do not be desperate, stay calm and if you want to cut off the activity the guide will take you back to the boat. 
  • Always follow all the instructions provided by your guide. 

Covid Restrictions

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you must wear a mask during the trip.
  • All the equipment is disinfected for you to use it. But you can also bring your own. 
  • Use antibacterial sanitizer 
  • Capacity is limited per boat
  • Cancun and the Riviera Maya are gorgeous destinations located in front of the second-largest coral reef barrier in the world. 

Be sure that Cancun Snorkeling is a reliable company, with many years of experience. Enjoy your next vacation with the best snorkeling!

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