Best snorkeling spots in Mexico

26 November, 2022

The natural beauty of Mexico does not exist only on its surface, but also in beautiful underwater landscapes, here we share with you the best places to discover them while snorkeling.

best snorkeling spots in mexico

These are home to countless fish and marine species, as well as huge coral reefs and even ancient remains that sank to the depths of the sea. A good way to get to know them is snorkeling, so here we share some of the best places to do it in Mexico

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Here you will find the Isla Mujeres West Coast National Park, one of the best places to practice snorkeling in Mexico thanks to its beauty and natural wealth. It is also part of the barrier reef known as the 'Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt', with three polygons that extend to Puerto Morelos and the hotel zone of Cancun. It is recommended to know it responsibly, either through low-impact tourism centers or environmental education, always respecting the environment and not extracting part of its flora and fauna. 

isla mujeres

foto coral best places mexico for snorkeling


If you consider yourself a sea turtle lover, then Akumal will be one of the best snorkeling places in Mexico. Its bay has a surprising concentration of sea turtles swimming in complete freedom, which can be appreciated responsibly and making sure not to directly intervene in their environment; It is best to be accompanied by a guide who knows first-hand all the necessary guidelines, to avoid stressing the species and enjoy the best possible visit

best places snorkeling mexico

best places for snorkeling mexico


Located in Baja California Sur, the Cabo Pulmo National Park will be one of the best places to snorkel in Mexico, since it houses the only reefs belonging to the Gulf of California and Sea of ​​Cortez. It is a Protected Natural Area and classified as Natural World Heritage by UNESCO, with an antiquity of around 20,000 years and home to more than 300 marine species. Without a doubt, it will surprise you with its wonderful biodiversity

snorkeling mexico

best places snorkeling mexico


In addition to being home to beautiful and peaceful beaches in Quintana Roo, Mahahual is home to Banco Chinchorro, a site that will surprise you for its diversity of marine flora and fauna, as well as for the different types of habitats and ancient sites – ships and artillery pieces – that rest on its bottom. Because its maximum depth is eight meters, its richness can be appreciated through snorkeling or diving tours. 

best places snorkeling mexico

best places snorkeling mexico


Located in the southern zone of Puerto Vallarta, 'Los Arcos' National Marine Park will be one of the most beautiful places to practice snorkeling in Mexico. since it has gentle waves, a variety of rock formations and marine species that are worth appreciating. It is located in Los Arcos, a group of large stones located between the Mismaloya and Las Gemelas beaches, which can be reached by boat or – if you are in very good physical condition – paddleboard

snorkeling mexico

snorkeling mexico


Holbox is one of the most special Magic Towns in Quintana Roo, a beautiful bicycle destination that, in addition to a peaceful and paradisiacal atmosphere, is home to one of the best snorkeling in Mexico. We are talking about Cabo Catoche, an almost uninhabited island that can only be reached by boat, either in a private boat or by hiring a tour ; We recommend opting for this last option, making sure that it includes a snorkel guide to appreciate the most biodiverse points in the area. 

snorkeling mexico





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