Best snorkeling gear

9 November, 2022

How to choose the best snorkeling equipment? Here are some recommendations.

Snorkeling is a very popular and interesting activity, especially for those who want to explore the hidden beauty of the ocean. However, to enjoy a safe and successful dive in the blue waters, you need adequate knowledge, physical skills and good diving equipment.


best snorkeling gear


The human being cannot see, stay and breathe underwater without any equipment. For this reason, you must have the appropriate snorkeling gear to submerge for long periods of time underwater.

When you decide to buy your snorkeling gear, there can be overwhelming options to choose from. Below we provide a guide to choosing the basic snorkeling equipment you will need as well as some tips so you can make the best possible choice.


1. Diving Mask


The Mask allows you to focus underwater by creating an air space in front of your eyes. It is important to choose it carefully. The mask is one of the most important pieces of scuba gear as it will provide you with the visibility you need while moving around underwater.


How to choose the best diving mask


How to choose the best diving mask?

Put on the mask without attaching it to your head and look down. It should stand on its own and fit evenly to the face with no gaps. Also check the mask with the mouthpiece of the snorkel in the mouth. This must be comfortable and present no spaces.

Inhale through your nose while wearing your mask without attaching it to your head. This should fit easily and seal to the face. Do a sniff test using a mouthpiece. Now wear it by adjusting the strap and check that the nose does not touch the mask. Check if the crease is comfortable on the upper lip.

These are the requirements to choose a diving mask that works properly for you. There is a wide range of options when it comes to diving masks to achieve a wider view, such as side, top and bottom panels. There is also a variety of skins with different color schemes according to personal preferences.

You must choose the one that best suits your needs, considering the recommendations. Normally clear or wider goggles are more comfortable and let in more light.


2. Snorkel


The Snorkel is a curved tube through which you can breathe while floating face down on the surface of the water.


How to choose the best snorkel?


Comfort is the priority when choosing your snorkel mouthpiece. You should choose one with which you feel good and that allows you to breathe easily.



A good snorkel allows you to breathe easily and should stay dry. The larger snorkel creates more drag in the water. It is also important that you consider how well the snorkel attaches to the mask.

Choosing accessories that are durable, simple and easy to operate is a good option.


3. Fins


Fins, also known as frog legs, are used to help divers move quickly and effortlessly through the water, just like fish. This is the most efficient way to get around and optimize energy underwater. Fins are a very important part of diving equipment.



How to choose the best fins?

Again, comfort and efficiency come first when choosing the best fins for you.

You should check that the fins fit snugly but do not "pinch" your toes. Never compromise on the fit of your fins as they will be your best friend in the water as you move quickly.

The efficiency of the fins is associated with the size, stiffness and design of the fins. Divers with a strong leg can use a larger, stiffer fin, while less conditioned divers will be more comfortable with smaller, more flexible fins.

Buckles and straps should be easy to use. Choosing the correct pair of fins is also important to avoid cramps and muscle fatigue.


According to DiveIn, here are some brands they recommend:


  • Best Overall: Cressi Palau.
  • Excellent Fit: Phantom Aquatics Velocity.
  • Value for Money: Promate.
  • Best for Novice Snorkelers: US Divers Cozumel.
  • Medium to Large Faces: TUSA Sport Adult.




Your equipment needs depend on your goals and your diving conditions. But what is important is that you can count on the best equipment to keep you safe and enjoy your dive to the fullest.

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